Thursday, October 28, 2010


So I finally saw the Glee Rocky Horror Show. It opened with lips singing the prologue just like the movie, which made me hopeful. But then the singer mispronounced the second word out of her mouth, which did not bode well.

By the way, if — as I suspect — this mouth belongs to Dianna Agron, then these lips know what Alex Pettyfer tastes like. Lucky bitch.

opening lips from the Glee Rocky Horror Show

But of course my main reason for watching was Chord Overstreet. So far, this season of Glee has had 4 episodes, and he's appeared with his shirt off in 3 of them.

And he wasn't in that 4th episode at all. I guess they were going chordless that week.

Here's Chord in all his blond deliciousness. And shirted for a change. But to tell the truth, I've always found those baseball undershirts really sexy.

Chord Overstreet, here with his shirt on for a change, from the Glee Rocky Horror Show

Here. Let me do that for you.

Chord Overstreet again from the Glee Rocky Horror Show

And here we see Chord shirtless again, as God intended.

This time he's wearing the little gold shorts that so many people talked about before the show aired. By the end, he was wearing a shirt and a pair of those ridiculous board shirts, but this was his first costume for Rocky, almost as short as the ones Peter Hinwood wore in the original.

Chord Overstreet, this time shirtless as God intended, from the Glee Rocky Horror Show

The best moment for me, though, was the cameo appearance of Barry Bostwick and Marvin Aday, whom the world knows as Meatloaf. It was really great to see them — a real tribute to the original movie (too bad Richard O'Brien wasn't involved somehow), but also a little odd because Glee airs on Tuesday, and at my house we only have meatloaf on Thursdays.

Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick on the Glee Rocky Horror Show

But where the Hell is Puck? I was kinda hoping to see him as Eddie.

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jaymcfly said...

what a body ! I love Sam's comments about his 'nuts'
showing . the puckster is on leave due to promo duties for his solo album .

Vera said...

Official word is that the lips and voice belong to Naya Rivera and not to Dianna Agron.

Isn't it nice to have a show that objectifies the male body as much as the culture has always objectifed female bodies?