Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Okay, so this is me asking for a favour.

Back in January, I uploaded this clip to YouTube, my first in High Def, by the way, which has nothing to do with this.

A lot of people have made video clips of imaginary film versions of the books in the Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan. And this was mine. I wanted it to look like the title sequence you might see if you were to sit down and watch a mini-series of the book Crown of Swords as I imagined it.

And unlike some other people who just threw together slide shows of random pictures of people from their favourite TV shows, I spent a lot of time choosing the people (including my beloved Jensen Ackles and many other tasty young men), finding and altering the photos, and editing the music (which I'm still really proud of).

Oh, and drawing and animating the wheel and snake. A good snake is much harder to draw than you might imagine.

What I didn't expect was that a couple of Wheel of Time fans would hate this clip so much that they would send me insulting personal messages and post this on message boards so they could deride it to their online friends.

So I want some help countering these people. If you have a few minutes, please watch the clip. Then, if you like it, click over to the YouTube page for this clip and say so.

And extra brownie points if you leave a comment there.

(What the Hell are "brownie points" anyway?
And, more importantly, can they be traded for actual brownies?)


Xersex said...

I don't know the serie, and I can't do anything but say:
0.43: Kevin Zegers very sexy
1.34: Bradley James very cute (and here he reminds me a little bit the more famous Brad Pitt)
1.37: Jensen Ackles sexy

David said...

I gave up on the series long ago, after trying to read book 4 TWICE! As you pointed out, it was getting difficult to keep track of the 53,000 characters.

As for this vid, I was sort of surprised (but I should not be) that people have made a wishful cast list for some live action version.

I've been away from the series too long to think about who would be great playing who, but Henry Cavill and Kevin Zegers are pretty inspired. Of course, it maybe that I think they're hot.