Thursday, July 29, 2010


Despite not knowing how to wear his costume
correctly, River Viiperi's recent appearance
at ComicCon was well received.

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Monday, July 26, 2010


You've heard that saying about great minds thinking alike?

Well, Kenneth and I do that, too, sometimes. Like today, when we both decided to feature pics from the new Űberzombie and Bitch... I mean: Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue.

While Kenneth seems more taken by cover boy Justin Hopwood, I was absolutely thunderstruck by Matt Aymar. After all, beautiful bodies can be built with some effort and dedication, but a face like that is just a work of art. Here he is as photographed by Bruce Weber, who made one Hell of a career choice long ago.

Matt Aymar from the 2010 Abercrombie and Fitch A&F catalog catalogue

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Friday, July 23, 2010



legion of superheroes - shadow lass and ultra boy making out as element lad watches - adam phebus ryan bertroche

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...
did u do this?

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...
Of course. Who else would waste the time?

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...
what is/are the original image/s like?

There are two separate photos. The photo of Ryan Betroche and the girl he's making out with I found at A Cause des Garcons. The pic of Adam Phebus I found at Socialite Life by searching for "underwear models."


This is one party I'm glad I wasn't at.
I wouldn't have known whom to stalk.

I mean: I wouldn't have known
with whom
to chat amiably.

I'm kidding, of course.

Guys who know how to use the word "whom" correctly are too civilized to stalk anyone.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Aniversário Feliz to Arthur Sales!

Isn't that cute? He made the same face when
I met him in person, right before saying
"How the Hell did you get in my bathroom?
And "Give me back my rubber duck!"

Photo of Arthur by Greg Vaughn
shamelessly lifted from Made in Brazil
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If today is Arthur's birthday, that makes me exactly one month (and a lot of years. sob.) older than he.

I've never posted Arthur Sales here before, but -- believe me -- I have noticed him. Though I tend to find pretty faces more attractive, Arthur's face is more handsome than pretty. And handsome in a really attractive way. And, as Kenneth in the 212 pointed out, he's been hard at work re-building his body.

I'd about 85% decided to make him Man of the Month for August. What would you guys think of that?

One thing detracts though: Arthur is another one of those guys who had a generous helping of brown spots on his skin. Though certainly not as pointilistic as, say, Alex Pettyfer, nevertheless I find it a distracting flaw, always giving me the impression that he needs to wash his face.

Don't get me wrong.
No one needs to be perfect to be beautiful, and this boy certainly looks good even with a few spots on his skin. Indeed, some people find little flaws like these make people look better.

But I am a bit worried about seeing more and more spots on people's skin in recent years. Is this some result of ozone depletion, of growing up in a world where sun exposure is more damaging than it was when I was this guy's age? Or is it simply that magazines aren't hiding the spots like they used to?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Okay, I think I have a new favourite cartoon.

Amazing Superpowers web comic

Friday, July 16, 2010


Cat in your hair: not good

Mousse in your hair:
maybe yes and maybe no

I'm told this kind of behaviour is common: a young guy who spends all his time and energy in the pursuit of pussy but then doesn't know what to do with it when he gets it.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010




So this is the Green Lantern that the suits
at Warner Brothers thought would be good
for Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming movie.

Yeah, great, let's make the costume look like
his skin was ripped off so we can see all
the individual muscle fibers. Just like that
museum exhibit of corpses with no skin.
No one was nauseated by that.

This is what comes of having men who think with their wallets in charge of entertaining teenage audiences who think with their testicles. Take something classy and trash it down to entertain the proles.

Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern was always one of the classiest superheroes. Immensely powerful but civilized enough to keep it under control. Unlike Superman, he didn't need to be from another planet to be a grown man without the emotional problems that plague most fictional characters. Unlike Batman, he wasn't a borderline criminal himself. Some people might call this boring, but I prefer to think of it as dignified.

And a dignified grown man wouldn't wear this suit.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yeah, I know June is over. But this photo is just too cute to not share it.

Brazilian male model Bernardo Velasco from Oh La La Magazine
It's a good thing that I'll never actually
meet Bernardo Velasco, because I'd
eat this boy with a spoon.

I'm kidding, of course.

I wouldn't use a spoon.

Monday, July 12, 2010


If I ever write a book called
How to Ruin a Great Face with Bad Hair,
I want this photo of Ivan from Berlin for the cover.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It's bloody typical, you know! The producers of the inexplicably popular Twilight movies finally make a vampire out of a guy I like to look at and they kill him off.

xavier samuel as riley biers in twilight eclipse

Australian-born Xavier Samuel reportedly beat out both
Channing Tatum
and Tom Felton
(Hmmm. Draco Malfoy as a Vampire)
for the part of the leader of the army of baby vampires in Twilight: Eclipse,
which I saw on Monday when our office was closed, evidently in honor of
Venezuela's Independence Day

There's not much of him in the movie, though. Mostly it's Edward and Bella
pausing awkwardly as they say their lines, but Xavier does look good when
he does show up. He has a great smile, which never shows up in Eclipse, but
at least he avoids previous experiences with really bad hair.

And he looks good dripping wet, which happens twice, though I don't know why
that should appeal to me the way it does. And it turns out that he was also
in a film about homosexuality and Australian surfers.
He probably got wet in that one, too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Happy July. Here's our next Man of the Month.

And brace yourself for a lot of river-related puns.

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