Thursday, July 15, 2010




So this is the Green Lantern that the suits
at Warner Brothers thought would be good
for Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming movie.

Yeah, great, let's make the costume look like
his skin was ripped off so we can see all
the individual muscle fibers. Just like that
museum exhibit of corpses with no skin.
No one was nauseated by that.

This is what comes of having men who think with their wallets in charge of entertaining teenage audiences who think with their testicles. Take something classy and trash it down to entertain the proles.

Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern was always one of the classiest superheroes. Immensely powerful but civilized enough to keep it under control. Unlike Superman, he didn't need to be from another planet to be a grown man without the emotional problems that plague most fictional characters. Unlike Batman, he wasn't a borderline criminal himself. Some people might call this boring, but I prefer to think of it as dignified.

And a dignified grown man wouldn't wear this suit.

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