Tuesday, November 22, 2011


First, a photo so that other blog listings will have something to look at.

male model Kenzie Roth, shirtless and inviting

Now, the good stuff...

Over the weekend, I created another of the missing Man of the Month videos,
for Kenzie Roth, Oregon-grown male model and
my Man of the Month for last April.

Here's the video...

And last night, I contacted the beautiful boy himself on Twitter
and told him about the video.
And very quickly, I got a reply.
Here's the exchange.

For spelling, I give him 4 out of 10,
but his manners and graciousness are excellent.
Somebody's momma raised him right!


Xersex said...

What a satisfaction you got, dearest Mike!

bsignacio said...

me gusto mucho tu blog, pasa por el mio


te lo agradeceria !

Bob T said...

Nice job with the video. A little harsh with the spelling grade :)