Monday, November 21, 2011


Yes, there are many other men in the world,
so no, I don't have to keep putting
my Man of the Month Daniel Rumfelt up here
as the Man for Monday.

But why mess with a good thing?

studly Daniel Rumfelt
C'mon, Daniel!
Stop staring into the camera lens like that.
I know I'm a great photographer,
but when you look at me like that
I can't keep my mind on my job.

And with so many photos of Daniel Rumfelt shirtless,
I think I've figured out why I actually prefer the photos of him with a shirt.
It's because when he's topless, he's an impressive physique,
a drool-worthy slab of grade A beef,
the kind of man you could ride like a horse until you're both exhausted.

But put a shirt on him,
and he gets more attention to his handsome face.
Almost any man can build a beautiful body if he works hard enough,
so Daniel's physique is an accomplishment.
But a face like that is a beautiful accident of DNA.


Xersex said...

He's cute, has a great body, but I have never put your MOTM video on him on my blog, as you told me via twitter!

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

dude, this guy is amazing