Monday, August 15, 2011



Okay, I'll admit
that I've said mean things about Marlon Texiera before.
I didn't like how scruffy and unkempt he seemed most of the time,
and I never understood why others thought him so hot.

But after seeing this photo over at All Hot Men,
I'm totally on board now.

Marlon Texiera, shirtless, wet, and looking hotter than I've ever seen him
We photographers sometimes get bored
with our assignments,
and I was completely unprepared
for the way Marlon stared into the lens,
paralyzing me with that look
so I couldn't work or move or walk away.

At first, I didn't mind,
but it's been three hours now,
and I really need to go to the bathroom.

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Xersex said...

I can see with my eyes and mind he's beautiful and sexy, but I can't love him so much!