Monday, March 21, 2011


There's a line between "beautiful boy"
and "scary-looking man."

And according to this photo stolen from Guy Candi,
Chord Overstreet is poised to go too far
and land on the wrong side of that line,
where the men are too lean, too hard, and too defined.

All he needs now is a cheap prison tattoo and a wifebeater,
and he'll make people driving through his neighbourhood
lock the doors and roll up the windows.

Chord Overstreet shirtless -- Yes, again! -- over-hard

I'd be more worried, but from the look on his face,
he flexing as hard as he can.
I bet that when he relaxes, he looks like a lovely human again.

By the way, enough with the jokes about his mouth!
There's nothing wrong with it.
Though, I still laugh at him asking Santa for
"Chapstick. Lots and lots of Chapstick."

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Anonymous said...

there is something wrong with his mouth.
it's too far away.

Xersex said...

I don't like so much his face ... at least on this pic!

Josh said...

Just saw him recently on one of those magazine TV shows, forget the name, but he was with Mary Hart, that should tell you the name.
He commented how he's done one show with his shirt off. Give him less than 6 months, and he'll be shirtless on more shows than Glee.
He is a cutie. But not a true blond, Mary got him to say they have to use some highlighters.
Sorry haven't been by much Mike, pretty busy.
You're doing well here!