Friday, October 1, 2010


Okay, I've got an explanation on the name.

In an interview, Chord Overstreet said that he was the third of three children "and there are three notes in a chord so..." his songwriter father gave him the name "Chord" because was the last note in a triad. Which means, presumably, his siblings (brothers? sisters? one of each?) are named Root and Third. And if there'd been a highly intelligent fourth child, he would have had to be called Augmented Seventh.

AND . . .
not intending to disappoint anyone or anything, but rumours about this guy being as gay as his character aren't true.

The character he plays may eventually be revealed as gay and paired up with Kurt, but Chord Overstreet isn't gay. In another interview, he talks a bit too much about impressing the ladies (and spending an hour on his abs alone so he can do so!) and he states flatly that he's never kissed a guy.

And the idea that guy could be gay and look like him and get to his twentieth birthday without some other guy kissing him is just ridiculous.

While we're on the subject, it seems I was a bit premature in thinking Dreamboats didn't know about this guy. I should have known better: when it comes to spotting pretty young actors, Jay is both quick and very thorough.

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jaymcfly said...

I love that Vanity Fair Interview , about 'Power' Chord -
Sam !