Monday, September 21, 2009


Stuck at work this evening, I turned to hulu to entertain me. Browsing down the list of available shows for one I might be interested in watching, I came across COMMANDER IN CHIEF, that Geena-Davis-as-the-VP-turned-President, WEST WING knock-off that always looked vaguely interesting but that I never got to see.

So I started watching it tonight.

And if I'd known that the president's son was the tasty Matt Lanter, I'd have made arrangements to see it when it was still on the air.

For some reason, they named his character Horace, but as far as
I can see, that's the only thing unattractive about him.

And I really wonder who has photos of him taken when he was
a high school gymnast in Atlanta. Or bat boy for the Braves.

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Xersex said...

He's really beautiful!