Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Momma Casting Dispersions

Cass Elliot
Dream a Little Dream of Me

Years ago, in college, I was having lunch with three friends in a local sandwich shop. One of the other guys was a guy straight out of high school who knew fancied himself a music expert. He did know a awful lot about the current stuff, but he was very young.

During the course of the conversation, someone mentioned Momma Cass.

"Who's that?" our music expert asked.

The rest of us started laughing. Then the waiter came by and asked what was funny.

When we told him, he looked at this guy and said in complete deadpan, "She was a sandwich critic."
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Anonymous said...

great voice.
i wonder whether she'd be a success today.
i think we're too obsessed with looks for her to have a chance.
video killed the radio star, and all that.

dukerwt said...

she would have been a big star. she was so over the top and had a fantastic voice.