Monday, November 28, 2011



Marlon Teixera shirtless sleeping and black and white
When I won a dinner date with Marlon Teixera,
I thought it was going to be enormous fun.
I looked forward to it for weeks, imagining all kinds
of scenarios where he met me and fell hopelessly in love.
Or at least we became great friends and had
all kinds of fun together.

But when the night finally arrived, the poor boy
was so tired that he kept falling asleep.

Which didn't actually stop me from having some fun.

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Xersex said...

Marlon ... is not my type, to tell you the truth! All people love him and Edilson Nascimento, but I think there are much more beautiful brasilian models: first of all Bernardo Velasco, and Evandro Soldati, Renato Ferreira and Francisco Lachowski!
I just can't share all this entusiasm for Marlon ...