Monday, November 7, 2011



I think I've found a new favourite porn star.

Lately, I've been catching up with the new stuff from Corbin Fisher,
and in the process gotten to know this guy Aiden
who recently started appearing in his videos.

Corbin Fisher's Aiden, a big strong beautiful boy

He has a cute face (much cuter than this photo shows),
a big strong body (with a minimum of detestable tattoos),
and significant other physical... uh... endowments.

But what I like best about him is his sheer enthusiasm.
So many of the straight boys who get paid to make gay porn
look so obviously uncomfortable and hesitant,
but this guy so obviously loves his work
that he makes it more fun for those watching.

Views as of now: 451,818

1 comment:

Xersex said...

is he basically straight?

For sure sexy, but what about Dawson, Lucas, Derek?