Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Man of the Month for Jan 2011: Craig Malozzi

Craig Malozzi - Man of the Month for January 2011New month, so I've made a new video clip for the Man of the Month. This time Craig Malozzi, blond muscle boy who's been featured in some really hot photo. Also bodybuilder who hasn't turned all chiseled, hard, and freakish.

(My instinct is to add the word "yet" to that, but I'm actually kinda hoping it doesn't happen. What happened to Santiago Aragon shouldn't happen again.)

What I like most about this guy is his colouring. Blue eyes that jump out at you. Blond hair. And all that golden skin. I usually love the way the black and white photographs make people seem more beautiful, but Craig Malozzi is definitely something to be enjoyed in full colour.

I have some other photos of this guy to sprinkle through the month. For now enjoy this clip.

This time I included the names of most of the photographers. Which one do you think makes him look the best?

By the way,
I'm going to try to do two video clips each month, one for the Man of the Month and another one featuring hot guys in some other way. I'm almost done with the next one already, and I've chosen a guy for next month already.


Vera said...

It is almost always the case when I see before and after photos of bodybuilders that I prefer the before shots. Is that so wrong?

Anonymous said...

Is that so wrong?

No, because bodybuilders become too often exageratly muscled, and so ugly. It's not the case of Craig.

Thank you to make again videos of MOTM: I have been missing them a lot, dearest Mike!