Friday, December 24, 2010


In Austin today it was 62 degrees
(that's 17 degrees Celsius to those of you in civilized parts of the world),
so once again the only white christmas we're gonna have is a song.

Here's the original, from the 1942 movie HOLIDAY INN.
The song was so popular that they wrote a new movie around it.
It's not in bright, shiny colour like the later movie,
but there's no Vera Ellen either, so I'm calling this a win.

Get a mug of something warm,
snuggle next to someone comforting on the couch,
and listen to Bing make it sound so easy.

...the crooner. Not the search engine.

And because I have been known
to show pics of attractive men from time to time,
here's a photo from my favourite scene in that other movie.

George Chahiris, Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas

Rosemary is singing a killer song,
and George was a beautiful young man
before he started running with that street gang.

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RAD said...

hey Mike just popping in to wish you a happy holiday! Hope all is going super duper! ho ho merry merry! xo