Sunday, October 24, 2010


hot jock boy running shirtless. but will he be in time to catch the ball?
At the park today,
I learned that some people

take tossing the baby into the air
way too seriously.

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Shirtless jock boy photo from Muscle Jocks

Being young has given him that beautifully tight, unblemished skin.
Being athletic gave him that hot round butt.
I don't know what gave him that big mouth,
but I don't really care.

The necklace could go, though.

But he should keep the gloves. . . .


Anonymous said...

He seems be nice and hot (but it's hard to jugde with a face like this)

Anonymous said...

Can you find even a gram of fat on him? In that way he reminds me of Craig Horner of Legend of the Seeker.