Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What kind of woman could ever be good enough for Edilson Nascimento?

According to him, this one is. Don't they look great together?

She's Camila Lyra, his wife and mother of his son Henry.

I discovered this clip after an online friend on YouTube sent me another clip of Edilson looking all beautiful and perfect (a clip with one of my favourite songs, by the way.) I enjoyed that clip, but this one of him and Camila just charmed me.

With all the adulation people like Edilson get from total strangers online, it's easy to forget and delightful to be reminded that he's just another guy who travels a lot for his job and wants some place to come home to and a loving family who are happy to see him when he gets home. Congratulações, irmão!

(For a few minutes I was tempted to call this entry "Bride of Fuck-he's-fine" but that seemed really crude. But I couldn't resist mentioning it because I was so pleased with my pun.)

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Xersex said...

Nice video. Edilson has a child... I didn't know...