Thursday, June 10, 2010


Since I made him the Man of the Month, we should re-visit Bernardo Velasco from time to time.

This is one of my favourite photos of him so far, taken by Marcio Del Nero, who is one lucky, lucky bastard. I don't know Bernardo's age, either presently or when this photo was taken, but I'm struck by how he seems to move so easily from handsome grown man to beautiful young man.

Here he seems to be the best of both.

Remote-controlled Hairbrush's Man of the Month for June 2010 - Brazilian model Bernardo Velasco

My only complaint — and it's a tiny one — is that whoever retouched this overdid the whitening of his eyes a bit. If you want to alter a photo without being obvious, it's essential to not make it too perfect.

And points to whomever first tells me they understand that title.

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Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

oooh, i like this photo too!

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

oh, i googled your title. so i know where it comes from, but obviously, that's cheating. so no points for me. does anybody know which having to look it up?

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

Well, I respect your honesty. I expected people to use Google, but not mention it. I'm not even sure if many people think of Google as cheating anymore.

Xersex said...

Marvellous photo