Thursday, June 24, 2010


So, Monday night and all day Tuesday, I slept for the better part of 36 hours because I was sick with an annoying... No, make that FUCKING ANNOYING summertime cold.

I when I was awake, I spent so much time wiping my nose that I was in real danger of rubbing it off and looking like a latter-days Michael Jackson. Seriously, is there any symptom more obnoxious than a runny nose?

In fact, I was so sick that I missed my own birthday.

But today I'm feeling much better, though still not entirely well.

And with all that time without distractions, I was able to spend some real time thinking about important things like quality of life, etc. It's no secret that I'm not a very happy person a lot of the time, and that I consider my life to be pretty miserable. Like a lot of people, I'm able to distract myself from my problems for long periods of time and call that "happiness," but it's never very long before reality gets in and bums be out.

But I had time over the last couple of days to do some serious thinking about my own life and — realizing the importance of having a few, simply stated goals — I've come up with two goals of my own. So for the next three months, I want to dedicate most of my energy to two things: getting a better paying job and losing 40 pounds. I think that most of my recent unhappiness and even poor health stems from stress, and having just a little bit more money will go a long way toward cutting back on that.

As for needing to lose 40 pounds, I really can't believe that I have 40 extra pounds to lose. How the Hell did I let things get out of control like this? One pint of Ben and Jerry's at a time, probably.

Anyway, I'll post updates now and then because a bit of encouragement would be greatly appreciated, but I'll try not to bore your by nattering on like I've done today.

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dukerwt said...

happy belated birthday. although it appears from your post that it wasn't so happy.
2 plus years ago when i first starting following your blog, you were renting a room in a house and didn't have a job. now you have your own place and you're looking to move on to a better and higher paying job. good for you. you're making progress.
as for losing 40 pounds, just remember that you didn't gain the weight overnight and you won't lose it overnight. it will take time, discipline, and patience. i know you can do it.

joe said...


Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

:( sick on your birthday is no fun.

for some reason, i always end up crying on my birthdays. it's so odd.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the consistent approach to losing weight. Cutting out sugar and white flour helped me alot. The rest is sleep and minor amount of exercise. You can do it. I did and I was seriously not motivated just set the list and stuck to it and when I did not just off for a day and back on. Easier than I thought. Good luck.