Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I just happen to be staying in Dallas this week. (Well, just north of Dallas actually.)

And I just happened to be shopping yesterday afternoon.

And that's how I just happened to run into Tyson Ballou while he was out shopping, with some other equally tall guy in a little flat cap.

I knew he lived around here - or at least used to - but I didn't really recognize him at first. Though I've seen enough photos to know his face, those photos don't really convey how tall he is. And how thin. No, "thin" isn't the right word, because the guy is covered with lean muscle. Maybe "lean." Or "slender." In any event, in real life he seemed a lot more tall and rail thin than he does in a photograph.

And so I'm reminded again how a camera distorts one's appearance, and how - if you want to look good on camera - you have to be a bit on the emaciated side in real life. Dammit. I still remember the first time I saw myself on television: I immediately set out to lose 20 pounds.

Don't ask me how that's going.

This area has given the world at least three guys who now make their living by being beautiful to look at. I've seen Tyson Ballou. Now I'm gonna look for Jensen Ackles and Chace Crawford.

And I'm drinking a lot of local tap water while I'm here, just in case it helps.

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Xersex said...

About Tyson Ballou Your post has reminded me that a French blogger is a his admirateur. Take a look here:

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

damn, i wish i lived in a place with high model-traffic.

Colaço said...

he's awesome!!