Monday, October 27, 2008

Seren Dippity Doo

So far, the best part of moving into my own place
after so long has been unpacking things from storage and
re-discovering things I forgot I had
. I've unpacked
the useful things like dishes and lamps already, but now
I'm starting to get into the books and papers, and
I keep find all kinds of surprises.

This includes a box of just random pictures that I had filed away
as a sort of personal clip file of things I might draw or paint
someday. But in this same box there was -for some reason -
a ten-year-old J. Crew catalogue with this oddly cute boy
on the cover. I thought I'd use him as this week's Man for Monday
even though I didn't know his name.

But then, when I got back online after the weekend and
started making my rounds of my usual stops, I found this
same guy had been featured on Definition of a Man just
last Wednesday, as part of a series of guys named Hunter.
It turns out he's Hunter Shepard. And his face is still
an odd mix of homely and cute. Killer body, though.

I love weird coincidences like this.


dukerwt said...

interesting to compare his face then and his face now. he had softer features then. is that what age does to you?

very interesting coincidence with you and kenneth and hunter. do you & kenneth always share your men?

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

ha, if hunter is an odd mix of homely and cute. i guess i'm an odd mix of Asian and smallpox.

dukerwt, to answer your question, we don't share. we let king solomon decide for us. in the end, though, mike can't bare to see such hot guys sawed in half so he lets me have them whole

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

By "homely and cute," I guess I meant that his individual features aren't pretty but somehow the whole face together is attractive. Not pretty, but handsome and sexy.

As for dividing these guys, I much prefer the idea of sharing them. More fun for everyone, and we don't have to get that Solomon guy involved, which is a real plus because he's an arrogant jerk who always smells of green olives.

dukerwt said...

Solomon wears English Leather?

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

well, that or actual olive juice.