Friday, June 18, 2010


When I get to work in the morning, the first thing I do is check out 4 weblogs. I check in with Stephen and Kenneth and Vera, and just for eye candy I look to see what DYG has on display, even though their young age is sometimes disturbing. Then I get to work.

This morning Auntie Vera hipped me to a statement from McDonald's COO Donald Johnson about a gay-friendly ad that their company ran in France and why it won't be airing here because it goes against his Christian values. For a better commentary, I (like Vera) refer you to David Dust's column.

I only add two things. First, Donald Johnson is black. And like so many members of a group victimized by prejudice and oppression, they see nothing wrong with victimizing other groups in the same way. Bastards! Dirty, ignorant, hypocritical bastards!

And second, this from Barats and Bereta:

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Vera said...

That's hilarious.