Saturday, October 24, 2009


Since I don't watch actual television, I didn't know this series was happening until I saw an ad on, but since then I've seen all five of the episodes they have there.

And I don't really like it much. It just seems to be trying way too hard to be edgy and bleak the way that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was. On the surface, that probably seems like a great idea: GALACTICA was sexy and attracted a really large audience of people who weren't sci-fi fans before. But this show has lost all the playfulness and intelligence that made STARGATE different from most sci-fi and made it cool in it's own quirky way. This new one is just not fun to watch.

Stargate Universe does have some good points, though. There's a creepy doctor who may or may not be quite evil and who'll remind you of a Bond villian because he WAS a Bond villian. There's a fat, nerdy MIT dropout who can become a sort of hero for any chubby slackers in the audience. And one of the featured character is a studly Air Force Lieutenant who's been shown having sex twice in five episodes, once even undressing first.

This lieutenant is played by Dallas actor Brian J. Smith, who left Texas for Julliard and has since been on Broadway with Reba the Mail Lady and played gay in HATE CRIME. He's a good actor and he looks good in and out of uniform, but personally I'm waiting to see Bradley Stryker with his shirt off.

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